HMP Graduate Jillian Wilms…Making her mark on the world!

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Jillian 2014

Jillian Wilms, EHHS Class of 2008

Jillian Wilms, former HMP student from East Hall High, is currently working in Texas as a Plant Process Engineer for a Fortune 500 industrial gas – Air Products. According to Jillian…  “The HMP program gave me the ‘push’ that I needed to achieve more. Only six years ago, I was part of the program working with my mentor, Dr. William Thomas, at the Gainesville hospital. I’ll never forget that it was there that I found out I had been accepted into my now alma mater, Georgia Tech. I ended up going to the school for chemical engineering, and participating in nanoparticle research as well as cancer research! That opportunity opened up the door for me to get several internships in Texas, Pennsylvania, and California! After graduating from Tech, and upon starting work, I was able to finance my own scholarship called the “Infinity Me” scholarship. None of these things came without hard work, and none of them came without my first sitting in a classroom at East Hall High School, trying to pay attention and trying to stay awake! Believe it or not, I sometimes look at what I’m doing and say in my Steve Urkel voice, “Did I do that?” It’s a humbling experience to be where I am today, because I know I didn’t get here alone, and I definitely couldn’t have gotten here without my HMP experience. Being part of that program was a turning point in my life. For the first time in a while, I had to push my thinking and experiences in a direction that I previously would not have tread. In doing that, I became a more well-rounded person! The bond I ended up having with my mentor was so great that we still keep in contact, and I attempt to see him at least once a year. HMP truly does offer a life-changing experience!”  Thank you Jillian, for you contribution to HMP and for making your mark on the world!