About Us

The Honors Mentorship Program is a yearlong class for high achieving, intellectually gifted or artistically talented 11th and 12th grade students with a history of academic rigor who desire a challenging, enriching, career-based opportunity. The program gives motivated, mature high school students from all six Hall County high schools a career mentorship designed around the individual student’s interest in a specific field or career. Each selected participant is matched with a professional who serves as his or her mentor by providing a real-life career experience along with the latest information and technology in the field.

This class is for the unique individual who has a passion for a profession and who is ready to move into a career experience outside the classroom. Rising 11th grade and 12th grade students apply in the spring for the following year.

How can the Honors Mentorship program benefit our students?

  • The program will introduce students to lifelong, career readiness skills.
  • It can serve as a highlight on a college application.
  • It will help a student stand out in a competitive college application/job market.
  • The program puts students in touch with valuable contacts – for now and for their future.
  • It can help a student decide if the career field they are passionate about is a right fit for them.

Why is the Honors Mentorship Program Unique?

Students are being prepared for the future in several ways…

Students spend the majority of their class time with a mentor in the community that will provide the student with real life experiences in the student’s chosen career field. Students will learn job competencies and hands-on skills that cannot be learned from a textbook. Students are expected to spend 4 hours per week, per period released, with their mentor.  Students and mentors create flexible schedules that meet the needs of both parties.

Coursework for the program is conducted in a blended learning environment with a large portion of work completed online. Preparation for future online courses and integrating technology skills are key components of the curriculum.

Students build a portfolio that can follow them to post-secondary institutions or eventual career opportunities. Work experience is invaluable when:

  • Applying to competitive colleges and universities.
  • Applying to specialty programs (law, medical, journalism, engineering, etc…) that require prior experience in the field before admittance.
  • Applying for future internships and jobs in your career field.

Business and school partners make our community stronger. The Hall County Honors Mentorship Program creates a way for personal involvement by creating relationships between adults and children that further strengthen our community. One goal of the Honors Mentorship Program is to help prepare students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in today’s working world.

Joining the Honors Mentorship Program was one of the best decision I’ve made on my educational journey. From applying and the joy of being accepted to deciding on my career pathway. I learned so much about myself. I learned how to manage my time and keep a balance between work and school. Because of doing Honors Mentorship while being a full time dual enrollment student, I’ve been able to work a full time job and graduate with a bachelors degree a year and a half early. One of my favorite parts of the program was the etiquette training. I learned how important simple details are such as eye contact and how to be confident when approaching people. There are so many beneficial things I learned during my time in the Honors Mentorship Program that I can take with me far beyond graduation into my career! I am thankful for such a great opportunity.” Lexie Walker, Former HMP student

Contact Jennifer Killingsworth for more information regarding how you can participate the Honors Mentorship Program.