HMP Graduate Meganne Jackson…making her mark on the world!

Meganne Jackson – West Hall High Class of 2014

Meganne shared her thoughts on her experiences in Honors Mentorship…First off, let me start out by saying that the Honors Mentorship Program was one of the most beneficial classes in high school for starting my career. I spent my senior year dual enrolled at the University of North Georgia full time. The only class I was still enrolled in at West Hall High my senior year was my HMP course. This program allows the flexibility of forming your own schedule while learning valuable skills toward your future career. I completed a full year of college credits during the dual enrollment program and worked with a local urgent care facility for my mentorship study. I was granted the opportunity to work closely with an experienced Registered Nurse at the clinic and discovered I wanted to continue my education at the University of North Georgia in the nursing program. I loved every opportunity HMP offered me. The clinical time is reasonable, and the assignments are extremely career driven. I used the HMP program on my application to the university and eventually the application into the nursing program. This type of experience is greatly recognized by competitive programs in college. I am now an Operating Room RN for Northside Hospital. I know that I can seriously attribute my success and knowledge to starting the Honors Mentorship Program.

Way to make your mark on the world Meganne!